Brave Turntable

Brave Turntable

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We are one of the most trusted manufacturers and exporters of Brave Turntable. It is an amusement ride that attracts throngs of young visitors. This ride is designed for the amusement park, outdoor playground, or big shopping mall. It is manufactured using high-quality, strong raw material with the aid of latest technologies. This amusement ride  It looks like a normal-looking and trouble-free disc when standing still, but explodes into a raging beast after a turn-on. Brave Turntable is mounted on a shaft that can rise from 0-degree horizontal level to 90-degree vertical, and the giant disc can rotate and tip over simultaneously.


  • Comfortable seats
  • Safety belts for complete protection
  • Operated using automatic controls 

The technology incorporated into the mechanism of Braver Turntable has been adopted from foreign country. The acquired technology has been upgraded and localized. This product is basically used in resort, amusement park and playground for recreational activities purpose. The technology used in this amusement item is the perfect amalgamation of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical knowledge. Superior grade chemicals and glass fiber reinforced plastic have been utilized for its designing. This self regulated equipment is capable of attaining height of up to 18 meter. Featured with 17 meter dimension, this amusement product has the capacity to rotate at 360 degree angle with 2 meter of rotational speed in each second.